Tuesday, September 28, 2010


People are crazy.

Our bodies are magnificent marvels of science and wonder... which is why I study them :) 
There are many secrets of the body but there are also a lot of concrete facts.  Which is why people fascinate me.  The way your whole body works to move one muscle.  The way we go to sleep, dream, eat, study, all these fascinating things we as humans do to live.  Who wouldn't want to know how they move? How they breathe? How they love?

Just take a look at these two images and tell me that the human body is simple.

The human body is not simple, it is complicated and yet so wondrous that all these things work together so you can live and be yourself and do all the crazy things we do in life.

My field of study fascinates me and drives me to help people understand what is going on in their body :) 

I hope your major and field of study and what you want to do in life brings you as much joy as this does to me :) 

I <3 The Human Body

Monday, September 13, 2010


I just want to let every single girl in the whole world that they are gorgeous no matter what any man says.  It's preposterous to me that people tell girls all the time to change what they look like to look more attractive to guys.  Is this really what life is about?  Looking good for guys?  I mean sure, take care of yourself but don't do anything you don't want to do to impress guys.  


Do it for yourself and not stupid men.  
That is all I have to say. 

People come in all shapes, sizes, hair colours, hair styles, eye colour, skin tones, etc... and we are all beautiful inside and out. 
Believe in yourself that you are gorgeous 

Real Women

Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I have decided to give this whole blog thing a try. I am not promising to keep up with it nor am I promising to write about anything worth viewing.  Just my thoughts, etc... on life, school, friends, family, whatever.